Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Must-Read Announcement!

As you all know, the hubs and I have been praying/hoping/wishing/trying/crossing our fingers for another baby for over a year now. We began our journey of "Trying to Conceive" back in February 2009. We were very hopeful at first thinking things would happen quickly. But every month we got the dreaded negative. Then in November 2009 we found out we were pregnant! Only a few weeks later we had to go through the disappointment and hurt of miscarrying (you can read about that here). After that we were left with lots of questions about which road to take. Continue trying? Wait? Well... our answer was given to us.

I track my cycle like a hawk. I have a program that I insert all my dates into and know EXACTLY when I will be starting. Well, one Tuesday evening while watching The Biggest Loser with the hubs I could not stop crying! I cried during the whole show! It wasn't overly emotional episode. Thinking about it I knew that I needed to get a test and confirm that either I'm being a silly woman or a pregnant/hormonal woman. Well I am probably a mixture of both but Here are the results:

So currently we are 7 (almost 8) weeks pregnant. Due to a scare last week we had an early ultrasound, but everything was fine. We saw the baby's heartbeat and that was an amazing moment for the both of us. I'm excited to share the ups and downs and crazy moments of this pregnancy with all of you! Baby bump pics will be on the way and I will post new ones throughout the pregnancy.

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  1. congratulations! take it easy and try to get as much rest and no stress...as you can with a DH and a little one! :o)


  2. Oh Becky!!!!! You have no idea how excited I am for you!!!! I am so glad to hear this news!!! I will be praying for you and the new baby girl! God's ways are not our ways, and he has special plans for us! I'm so happy for you!!!

  3. Okay totally just realized I put new baby "girl", and had NO clue that I did that...didn't mean to either! LOL I guess we will find out if I was right in about 3 months!

  4. YAY!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Big Cyber HUGS!!!
    <3 Julie

  5. Left something on my page for ya! ;o)



  6. Congrats! That's awesome news :)