We are all mommies... and have all had to work hard to look good for the men in our lives... so in here you can find some of our favorite Fitness Secrets and tips!!!!

Kaitlyn~ I am a full believer in living a healthy lifestyle. My tip of the day is to find something you love to do. I love to run/jog/stretch. I try to make sure that my cardio workouts are at least 20 minutes a day 5 days a week. I stretch daily, i stick to a low carb diet, and i limit any sweets, desserts, or junk food, to once a week. Fit stuff to do around the house, climb the stairs 20 times, you will feel it. Put little cloth pot holders on the kitchen floor and do sliding lunges. Skip around wherever your going in the house, and when your doing dishes try repitious calve raises. Its easy and its stuff you can do all day long.~