Thursday, May 20, 2010

We welcomed a new member to the Family

Hey Everyone, I have too many topics to write about this week. Some good, some bad, and some very major and significant changes are happening in my life. But i want to stay positive so id like to share some very exciting news. This week my parents, siblings, and I had the pleasure of meeting a family member we have had for almost 5 years now and had no idea. My brothers daughter Alyiah came to town this week with her mother and its been amazing getting to know her. Long story short, my brothers daughter was conceived almost 5 years ago and he had no real knowledge or confirmation of her. So he went on with his life as did everyone, and almost a year ago we were contacted my Alyiahs mom and got the word that he does infact have a daughter. All bad decisions and mistakes aside, our family has expanded and we all could not be happier. Alyiah is so beautiful and so much fun, shes a ball of energy and i have never seen my brother happier. She is truly his little clone. The Fudzinski genes are STRONG. Considering my daughter is my clone as well. The most amazing part of this week has been watching the bond be created between them. As a mom myself i was worried about if there would be a bond created considering he didnt know of her existence till just recently. He missed out on all of her first milestones and all the little bits that create the bond between parent and child. But let me tell you the love and bond a parent has with their child is instant and forever and its so amazing to watch 2 people who have never met, fall in love so fast! They are adorable together, my brother is a fantastic daddy and I know he will be influential in her life forever. Welcome to the family Alyiah we love you!

"Before you were conceived I wanted you,
Before you were born I loved you,
Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the miracle of Parent's Love."
-Mareen Hawkins (I changed it from a Mothers love to Parents love because a parents love doesnt discriminate, its instant and forever.)


  1. It's so great to hear that your brother has been given his chance to be in his daughter's life. You aren't kidding, she really IS his clone. WOW. I'm so happy that you have a wonderful new little lady to join your family!

  2. i love this post kait! you are getting so good at your blogging skills! lol i love you!

  3. Congratulation on your new family member :) She's a cutie!

    We just found out we had a brother about a year and a half ago. He's older than me, so we've gone through most of our lives not knowing about each other. When we met him and his family it was great! Now we get together for holidays and we all see each other at least once a month. I think it's great when families find out about new members and get to become a part of each others lives :)

  4. I think it's so great that she warmed up to him so well! I would imagine that would be scary for a little girl to find out she had a father and then not wonder why he was never there before and accept him so quickly :-) Congratulations on the expansion of your family! :-)

  5. Wow, they really do look alike! How wonderful and accepting your family is and what an amazing surprise and gift you have received.