Thursday, May 6, 2010

My baby girl is becoming such a big girl

Hey everyone, I thought this week i'd write about my little big girl that i have. Auburn is going to be 8 months on the 12th and i cannot believe how fast this has gone. Auburn is amazing. She has learned so much already and she learns and grows everyday. As i write now to you shes sitting across the room smiling and waving at me haha. Oh my shes truly my ray of sunshine and drop of peace. She is learning how to crawl right now. She gets up on all 4's and bobbles back and forth but hasnt taken those first few scoots yet. Shes still working on that. She says dada and mama and babbles like shes got the most interesting life to talk about. Like i said before shes waving, shes learning to clap, she loves to chew on everything and she just keeps on moving. I must say shes also quite the amazing eater. She eats everything i give to her, except shes not crazy about oatmeal. Im thankful shes so easy with food, because it makes life a lot easier when she eats what i give her without problems. She sleeps through the night and has been since she was just a few weeks old. She has learned to pull herself up on everything to stand. She loves to stand. She'll walk across the coffee table and she thinks shes too cool.I could not have asked for a better child. God knew exactly what i was going to need in a child, and gave it to me amplified with beauty and a sense of humor. I love everything about Auburn, shes my little big girl. I am so sad that shes growing up so fast. Shes my everything and my reason to stay healthy, sane, and productive. Thank you Lord for my little beauty. Shes such a wonderful gift and im so happy to be on the recieving end. I love you Auburn Rose!! Your the best little big girl i know!!!
Heres a pic of her first time at the dentist lol....

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  1. She is a doll!!! What a cutie pie!

    I also have a little guy who is about to turn 8 months *sigh*
    Time has flown by too quickly for me. He's seems to be a different baby every day.
    He's my last baby so I'm trying to savor it.
    Slow down!!