Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Had Me At Hello...

I love hearing stories about how couples met.
Love it because each story is so unique
and couples always smile and laugh thinking back on it.

Phillip and I met 3 years ago (July 26th to be exact). I was a single mother to an 8 month old and he was a college student. After dealing with the crazy world of dating (which I wasn't having much luck) and also dealing with ridiculous baby daddy drama... I was ready to throw in the dating towel. Coming home frustrated about "men" one night my roommates said to me, "You just need to find yourself a good guy". Thanks guys, easier said than done. Where the hell are the good guys?! "You need to meet our buddy Phill." After telling me about him and assuring me of his awesomeness... and also showing me his facebook profile, I agreed to a blind date.

I had never been on a blind date... I didn't know people still met on blind dates these days. But I was excited and had a good feeling about this. A few days before the date I went to have lunch with some friends of mine at a Chinese restaurant. After the meal I opened my fortune cookie and couldn't help but laugh. Usually fortune cookies read something bizarre or some Chinese proverb... but this here was a sign:

"An Unexpected Relationship Will Become Permanent."

I laughed and said to myself we'll see about that and put the fortune in my pocket.

The blind/double date finally came. I brought my 8 month old teething son with me because I wanted him to know that we're a package deal. We had a good time. Iden chewed on the table and stared Phillip down. We had good food and all laughed alot.

After dinner my roommates invited Phill over to our apartment. We all headed over sat down in the living room and watched Food Network. We talked about Alton and his crazy knowledge of food. Then my roommates stood up and said they were going to bed (note that it was only 9:30). So there we were. Awkward silence. After a few hours of watching tv Phill finally said goodnight. The chump didn't even try to kiss me! But I was left with butterflies. A few days later he got my number from my roommate and asked if he could make me dinner... the rest is history.

How did you and your significant other meet? Does thinking about it put a smile on your face or is it an embarrassing story you'd rather not tell? I wanna hear them!

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