Monday, July 26, 2010

Got Milk?

Well I'm sad to say that last week my sweet 10 month old baby girl has decided she is done nursing. When i first decided I was going to breastfeed I said I would do it for 6 months. Then the 6 month mark came and I said ok 1 more month... and so on ...until I had hoped I would do it until she because a year(or until she got teeth and bit me for the first time) but neither of those happened... she decided she was done on her own. It all started when her pediatrician said she needed to be drinking water twice a day... so I gave her water in a sippy cup... and as she got better and better at it her breastfeeding sessions became less and less frequent. It's now to the point where she will only take liquids from a sippy cup and I'm all dried up. I'm sad we didn't make it to the 10 month mark... however... I am completely proud that her and I did such a great job and lasted as long as we did.
It was my honey who actually suggested we breastfeed from the beginning... having not breastfed my son I was completely ok with formula feeding... He suggested we take a breastfeeding class and at least out weigh the pros and cons. After the pros were obviously better. I decided I would at least try. I (as most expecting first time nursing moms do)had heard horror stories about how painful it was how hard it was and had little support from anyone but Nick. Well right from the second they handed her to me she latched on and never turned back. I never thought I would enjoy the experience as much as I did... The fact that she 100% completely needed and relied on me.(as exhausting as it was sometimes... and even though sometimes all I did was wish her dad could have gotten up with her.)It was an incredible feeling. I now know that when we have more children (yes when no if) I will be breastfeeding them as well. I also cannot thank my honey enough for providing me with the support that he did to help me succeed and experience such and amazing thing. My sweet girl's first birthday is coming up and everyday gets harder and harder to wake up and see the new things she is learning over night it seems.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. It was difficult for me to be done with the breastfeeding too...Its a bonding experience. They grow up so fast :/

  2. I am sorry it is over but so proud of you for giving her that great gift :o)

    My first guy self weaned at 13 months. It was very abruptly and I was at the time not okay with it LOL
    My second was 16 months when I had to force wean him, I was pregnant with #3 and he was nursing so much it was causing issues.
    So now with #3 now just 10 months I look forward to as long as he wants to or 2.5 years old which ever comes first :o)

    We do Love our babies don't we.
    Hugs & <3


  3. 10 months of breastfeeding is something to be proud of! It isn't always easy, especially those first few months when they are waking up every two hours and your other half is snoring away! It is a great bonding experience! I was able to breastfeed my son until he decided he was done at around 17 months. I'm still breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter, and will keep going for as long as she wants. As of right now, she rarely sits still long enough anyway, so I don't know how much longer she'll keep at it. Feel good about those 10 months, and look forward to doing it again for your future babies :)