Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ooohhh Accidents.

Last night I was eating pizza & wings with my little family and watching the biggest loser. My husband and I had a good laugh about our meal of choice while watching the show. My son was running around and playing with his toys. He is like most other three year olds and won't go potty until he absolutely is about to explode. USUALLY he will still make it in time... but LATELY he's been having the dreaded accidents. Sometimes I don't even know if i would call them accidents... he's being lazy. I don't know how I feel about saying he's looking for attention, trust me, he gets plenty. He's our only child and we love him more than anything. No need to search for attention. Well last night, I will be honest, I had enough with these accidents. He was procrastinating. We had to tell him a few times to go potty. When he finally went... he pee'd on top of the toilet, didn't lift the lid! Well, you can imagine what happens when you have pee shooting on top of the toilet lid. It went everywhere! I was so upset with him. Tossed him in the bath and took all his bath toys away... this crushed him. Then he went to bed without any stories (which crushes me because I love reading to him and he loves his stories!). He screamed from his bed for quite a while like I have never heard him scream before. After a long while (well it felt long to me, was probably not long at all)I went in to talk to him. I feel its very important to always discuss with children why they are "in trouble". I ask him alot of questions and he will answer me.
Mommy: Why are you in trouble Iden?
Iden: Made mess.
Mommy: Are you a big boy?
Iden: yes
Mommy: Do big boys make yucky messes like that?
Iden: No mama.
After our little conversation we both said we were sorry and that tomorrow would be a better day. I felt like a strong mama, like I taught him a good lesson. As I was leaving his room he asked me to clean his room because he was scared the mess monsters will eat him. I rolled my eyes... then caved and cleaned up his room for him. Do you have those moments where you feel like this awesome strong mom and you did everything right as far as discipling and then you cave? Tell me your stories mama's!

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