Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Terrible Teething Stage and Strange Behavior

Auburn Rose is almost 7 months old and has begun the dreaded teething stage. She has all the typical symptoms, drooling like crazy, shoving everything in her mouth to naw on, and fussy, grouching, and crying like she doesnt feel good. She is usually ok in the morning but by the afternoon and evening, oh man we are in for it. She lets us know she is not happy and not feeling well and nothing seems to help the poor baby. As the "New" Mama i feel terrible. Im her mother and theres nothing i can do to console her. I try everything from distractions, playing with different toys in different settings, motrin, orajel, teething rings, cuddling, rocking, anything....but shes so miserable. How do other moms handle when their child is unconsolable??? Im the mama shes my baby and i cant make her feel better. Its a very helpless feeling. But im doing the best i can, and we will get through it. If any moms/dads/physicians out there have any suggestions please send them my way!!
The next thing is Auburns been doing some weird but adorable things. I just want to find out if people think its normal! So throughout the day when we are playing and talking to each other Auburn will randomly shake her head back and forth like shes saying "no". Its totally adorable, but its kind of weird because i dont see other babies doing it like she does. Its random, and usually when shes playing and babbeling. But I started getting nervous thinking she has like a muscle tick or something more than just being cute...Sometimes she will do it over and over and over again and every few minutes she will do it. I might sound like a crazy nervous mom but hello most new moms are...So help me out peeps, let me know what ya think.
Last but not least, Auburn is getting on her knees now and scooting back and forth, eeeeek shes on her way to crawling and im so sad. But very proud of my big girl.
Love and Hugs and lots of Blessings,


  1. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to make your baby feel better. I know the feeling. You want to make them better, and that is what it means to be a good mom. You are trying, but sometimes there is nothing that will make the pain go away. My daughter is also teething. She has been screaming through the night. I have done tylenol, teething tablets (Hylands), orajel, teething rings... the list is endless. Most of the time all I can do is rock her to sleep. Just keep telling yourself that this won't last forever. Babies and kids are very resilient, and recover fast! So while you hurt because she hurts, just remind yourself that it is just another growing pain, a step toward the future that she must endure. As for her head shaking, I'm sure she's just experimenting her range of motion. You'll find her doing things that may be strange to you, but she's just learning and having fun!

    ~Stephanie Marlowe (cause no one knows who thatCatlady is ;)

  2. aww stephanie i didnt know you were apart of this blog thing, but im so glad you are. Thank you so much for your input i really appreciate it!!!!