Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our First AWARD!

We are totally loving this whole blogging as a group thing. People are following and talking about it on facebook... & we are getting the oppertunity to do what we do best...BE MOMMIES ... together! We recieved our fisrst blog award... The beautiful blog award. (YAY) So we have to say ten things about ourselves... and then pass it on to others!

  1. We all graduated in 2005!
  2. I am the worlds worst procrastinator ... I HATE IT ~LO
  3. I loathe laundry days... People in my life actually have to call and check my progress and status or i will ignore it until i cant find my kids in it lol ~LO
  4. I'm addicted to vacuuming! ~Alia
  5. I LOVE Moscato wine
  6. I am addicted to taking pictures of everything, thats probably why i go through cameras like toilet paper~Kait
  7. AND I am a Laundry-a-holic (yep thats a word lol) I adore the smell of clean laundry and clean sheets, its my fav!!!!
  8. I absolutely hate mornings (I hit snooze at least 7 times). It takes me forever to get out of bed. - Becky
  9. Instant mood changer for me is ice cream. I LOVE ice cream! I will be so happy if you bring me ice cream - Becky
  10. We all love being mommies to the best kids!

And to pass it on:

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  1. Congrats on your first award! You are so sweet to share it with me :)

    OOH, you guys are going to be in TROUBLE for letting people know some of you enjoy vacuuming and laundry! I might have to kidnap you and let you clean my house on a regular basis...for YOUR enjoyment of course.

  2. How awesome are you!! What a cool thing!!! Thank you for sharing your award! You R A W K!!!
    BTW Georgious Blog! ;o)

  3. Grabbed your button, now your on my Blog!!

  4. yay thank you julie ... we r brand new and try to get the word out so thank you!