Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Music to My Ears

My son Iden who is three years old has a speech delay. He says a very limited amount of words, mumbles alot, and majority of the time when he is trying to say something it comes out sounding a little different then what it should ex: juice = buice. We have had his hearing checked and his hearing is perfect. He is smart and listens well to instructions (well most of the time, he is 3 after all). Alot of the time I get frustrated or just sad that he's not able to talk to me. For the longest time he would never sing songs with me, he would just listen. When I drop him off at daycare the other children are able to talk a million words per minute and tell me super detailed stories. I want for Iden to be able to tell me about his day, what he learned, what he's coloring. The speech delay is the only developmental issue that is going on. At this point he is going to begin a type of therapy that is kind of new and different. He had a session yesterday and we'll see how it goes. I'll explain more another time. We are also looking into getting speech therapy going but after changing our insurance it will be pretty expensive. So frustrating!
The other day while I was driving in the car with Iden on our way home, he started to sing the ABC's by himself. I have to say that hearing him talk and hearing him try and hearing him sing is the most beautiful thing. After the ABC's he started saying the letters and the sounds the make. Gosh he's smart! Then later he told me, "Mama, these shoes hurt my feet." I think that may be the longest sentence he was ever put together on his own. It was wonderful to hear him express something to me. I then asked him, "Oh, well do you want to wear different shoes?" His response: "No, I want these." Crazy guy.

Love & Faith,

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