Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here comes the "new"

I didn't post Friday because I have been drained, packing and cleaning and searching for a house. All I know is my hubs OWES ME HUGE. LOL Like he is so busy in Afghanistan or something ha ha. This entire deployment has been draining me. I'm tired. REALLY REALLY tired and I have kinda felt like I have had to do this whole, "I'm a supermom, super wife, I clean and vacuum in high heels and pearls and my make-up is always flawless." type thing. And it has exhausted me. Like I'm so done. We packed up and cleaned the house today and I will be driving to my mom's tomorrow and then to Ft. Hood on Friday.
I'm sad to leave my bestie, Lauren, my sister and for the kiddos to leave the family they have grown close to. But so excited to have my husband home in approx. 3 weeks.
It's a weird bittersweet feeling. But I'm ready, ready to get back to normal, but I'm having a feeling it won't feel normal. Is it ever going to be like it was before he left and will we just adapt to our "new" new? I'm wondering....

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