Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friends and Saying Good-Byes

Well... its official... Miss Alia has left. This has been so rough.
I gathered all of our girlfriends for one last girls dinner and then we said our good-byes. I am so happy for her that she will get to settle down... and have Tim home... but the selfish part of me is very sad.
I did my best to not cry at the dinner, however i couldn't help it when i started walking away and Alijah yelled across the parking lot, "I miss you I love you." Sadly with tears in my eyes i waved and loaded Maddi in the car and had to get away.
We had gotten the boys together for their good byes just a few days before. They played and at the end of course said good bye but I'm not sure they quite understood what this meant. It wasn't until yesterday Bryce came to me crying and said he left huh... i said who left? he said Alijah ... I said yes honey they left... he said can we go see him soon? i said probably not ... he then reached in his backpack and pulled out a blue hat ... he said but he left this and i need to give it to him. I said well i can mail it when i get an address from his mommy. So he put the hat on and hasn't taken it off since.
Its pretty hard to lose a friend that you have not only grown up with but that your kids have developed such a friendship and a bond as well.
Needless to say we miss them and hope to see them soon, if not we hope to get an address soon so we can start our new relationship via pen pal!!!
i will post pics soon of the final dinner and the good byes.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. I only just caught that she's going to Ft Hood. She will only be a few hours away from me. OK, well maybe about 4 1/2. It's hard saying goodbye to friends, but the nice thing is you can stay in touch online, which is not the same, but better than nuttin :) The little ones take it hard, but they recover pretty nicely too.

  2. I miss you already! :( I love you!

  3. I hope this brightens up your day...I have an award for you girls at my blog!