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To Birth Control or not to birth control?? What do you think? I know some women are completely adamant about not taking any form of birth control and others are all for, so that's the question.

I'm going to say a complete and total 100% YES!
I do believe a baby is an absolute gift from God.
But there is definitely better times than others when babies should be brought in.
I believe you should take the proper precautions if you aren't ready to have a baby, if you aren't physically ready or mentally ready.
I know some religions prohibit birth control, but I honestly don't believe that God would not want us to use birth control ( as long as it is used in the proper way)
So I say "wrap it up", or "pop that pill" lol

Unfortunately for you (the readers) my section is much longer ha ha
As implied up top... "to use or not to use" this is the question...
and as some of the women included in the statistics below are probably thinking... why bother...
Failure rates for birth control methods when used correctly (Number of pregnancies per 100 women per year)
Male condom alone 11
Female condom alone 21
Diaphragm with spermicide 17
Cervical cap with spermicide 17 to 23
Sponge with spermicide 14 to 28
Spermicide alone 20 to 50
Oral contraceptives 1 to 2
Contraceptive patch* 1 to 2
Vaginal contraceptive ring 1 to 2
Hormone shots less than 1
Hormone shots less than 1
IUD less than 1
Periodic abstinence 20
Surgical sterilization (female) less than 1
Surgical sterilization (male) less than 1
Contraceptive patch is less effective in women weighing more than 198 pounds.
Information from U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Birth Control Guide. Retrieved August 4, 2004, from the World Wide Web:

With the statistics above I can see how some women might be discouraged by some if not most birth control methods... however I have to agree with Alia... if you are not ready then protect yourself. I think the above statistics however reveal something a little deeper... and that is ... if its meant to happen ... its going too... even against all odds. I truly believe (having been apart of the above statistics) that God truly has a plan for everyone ... and if nothing else he has quite the sense of humor. I think that birth control in some cases is simply a way to put our minds at ease, those days where our current babies have exhausted us to the point of no return and we couldn't imagine being able to handle yet another one, or for those of us without kids, it puts your mind at ease when you have a day you couldn't imagine having a child at "this point in your life." I believe this because my babies were both unplanned and yet in some way everything I have ever prayed for and desired... both incredible gifts for God to say the least. SO for those on birth control or off birth control...(Hows that for a positive spin!)


~Kaitlyns Input~
I never had any religious feelings towards or against birth control, i was just taught to not have sex till marriage and than after marriage it wont really matter because you'll be married...Well i must say that this teaching didn't help me at all. :) and i will not be teaching my child the abstinence laws...I really do not think its relevant in this day and age and not really that realistic, considering that kids will make their own decisions no matter how hard you hammer something into their heads. Im a prime example of that. Anywho i am totally pro birth control. I dont really know how God feels about birth control, but i also dont remember much about it being in the bible not the most informed person to be talking(if someone has scripture talking against birth control send it my way id like to research it) in the mean time im on birth control, i love it...I have an iud and it rocks...No monthly maintenance or fees and no worries for 5 years. I was on an oral contraceptive since i was 16, and had no problems with it at all. I agree with lauren when she said that God has a plan of his own, because Auburn was a 1 out of 1000 chance and totally not planned or expected. Oral contraceptive failed me, but im sooooo thankful that it did because i adore my little princess. Shes everything i ever wanted but didnt know i wanted till i had it and shes fantastic. However, id like a better shot at planning my next one (wink wink God) so ive got the IUD and we will see how it works, theres supposed to be less than 1 percent chance of getting pregnant, so we will see what happens. Anyways my female friends, i am Pro Birth Control and i think its really important to search for what works best for you.
love and hugs

I had zero time to add to the topic yesterday so I am adding now. I feel that if you are not in the point in your life that you want children or are ready for children then you need to find the birth control that is right for you. I know that I cannot take the pill because I will forget about it, I wouldn't be consistent. Research is necessary when you are looking for the right BC. After I had my son I chose the IUD. That sucker worked! It worked so great that it made it difficult for me to get pregnant after I got it taken out tho. But this shouldn't be up to women alone. Men need to be responsible enough to do their part and wear a rubber if they are not ready for the responsibilities of being a parent. So, Yes! 100% for Birth Control. Am I on birth control now? nope, we're hoping and praying for a little miracle.


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