Monday, March 29, 2010

Frustrating Five

Well as you all know my son will soon be five. He has always been a great kid... well behaved... we didn't go through terrible twos... or threes... and other than the usual annoying habits of a four year old (such as the 15 minute stories about the transformer movie which we have all seen 100 times... and the constant hyperactive running with friends etc.) we have been home free of any "bad" behavior... i get compliments on how well behaved and polite he is by every one and any one we come across... but lately... since we are nearing the corner of five ... it seems it is all catching up. I find myself a with a almost five yr old who has quite the attitude... who doesn't listen as well... and who has become un-willing or un-motivated to learn anything! Now i know he is five and his attention span is naturally short... but lately we have been trying to learn to read. We go over the three letter word by spelling it ... then sounding it out... and then trying to put the sounds together to make a word... he will do it two and three times... then we come back to the word and he makes up some random word that doesn't even have any of the letters we were learning and then when i ask him to sound it out he sounds out some random letters... lets just say the whole innocent reading a bedtime story and learning a word turns into him crying and my angry and walking away. My patience is wearing thin with him. Another example is when he gets home from school i ask what did you learn ... "Nothing"... what did you do ... "i don't remember"... this is as we are walking out of school... its not like I'm asking a week later!!! Any suggestions on patience for me ... and focus for him. Tonight i walked away and he was crying... i said i need a break and you need a break... so I'm standing in the kitchen wiping the counters and i hear him hiding under the bar and i say, "yes" and he says, "Mom, when you get mad at me about my letter i feel like you don't love me." Which in turn makes me cry. This whole learning thing is an uphill battle let me tell ya! An exhausting on at that... not sure how teacher or homeschooling parents do this!!! Any advice would be amazing!

Love and Patience,




  1. My daughter went through the terrible 3's. I miss her being small, but I'm also glad to be through that stage. I don't miss the 3-hr temper tantrums and the mall embarrassments. Now we are seeing 13 around the corner!

  2. Lauren it must be hard conquering the tantrum thing and the whole new world of teaching your child new things as well, but your doing a great job. Bryce is perfection all wrapped up in a little bundle of joy, fun, humor, and seriously he's the most handsome thing ever!!!!! I ADAMANTLY disagree with any such notion of a learning disability, Bryce is one of the smartest kids and may i say EXTREMELY articulate little tykes ive ever known. My parental opinion is that because Madi has come along he feels the need to compete and act out so that you will devote it all back to him....ITS NORMAL....theres not one thing wrong with Bryce or your parenting. As far as the learning thing, I see it as just another part of the growing and learning process,its like when a child is ready to eat food for the first time, crawl, walk, talk, all these different steps in life are steps, and Bryce will get there when hes ready, and some take longer to get to than others, it may feel like an uphill battle, but a lot of things in life are and we have to make the choice to stick with it and push through it. The only advice i can give is Pray and when you need that break take a break and get back in there and try again. Your not a quitter i know you!!!If your concerned than you know Bryce better than anyone and if you think you need physician assistance or professional assistance than thats your choice. I think Bryce is going to be fine, really....i really think prayer, breathing and trying again should be your pattern to follow. Your an amazing momma and your doing awesome!!! Dont quit, just pray and push through. I believe in you and you

    Love and Blessings Always your partner in mommhood