Thursday, September 9, 2010

09/09/09 through 09/12/09 Believe it or not Meant a ton to me

Hi Every one It has been a while since I've had a minute to right about something other than school related topics. Today and the next few days are very special to me. I did not realize how emotional I would be. This day, September 9 last year of 2009 I was due to have my sweetpie Auburn Rose. I was so prepared and I nested way before and way past the nesting period ;) I was also on a not so sweet note, miserable, huge fat pregnant, 168 lbs on a 4 11 frame to be exact on that Huge fat part, and I was in a lot of pain, I hadnt slept in months, I could not eat a thing blech the heartburn was unbearable... and I remember going into the Doctors office and the nurse said, how are we feeling? I Burst into sobbing hysterical tears and told her please help me.. Im due today and my body wont go into labor, i feel like my tummy is gonna rip off my body because of the weight, She said, This is normal and sometimes the baby doesnt want to go by the due date, lets see what the dr says to get a better idea, she may let you go past at least 2 weeks. SOBBING way more now, the dr came in and scheduled an induction for the 15th and let me tell you, I was fuming and cursing the whole world. I could have easily jumped across the room and sat on her lungs to let her see what carrying this felt like. I was seriously concerned about Auburn too. She was not moving like normal. I voiced my concerns and I was completely ignored. They told me dont worry only go to triage if you are for sure shes not moving. Well Heres a pic of Auburn and I on 09/09/09 when she was supposed to make her entry into this world. I will be telling the rest of our fun birth story in a few days on her bday. I am really fascinated by how much this day and the next few days had felt and meant to me last year, and how now i feel the same emotional tie to these days. They meant a great deal to me than, and even more now, I am really sad she is already 1 but feel so honored that I got be hers. Have a great week. Auburn Rose you are my one and only DREAM come True and what an amazing opportunity it is to be your mom. You have no clue the anxiety and anticipation that was running through me at this moment, 365 days ago.

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