Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dont forget our firefighters

This week I got the chance to hang out with some very dear friends of mine. Marie and Greg. Greg is a firefighter and Marie is in school working on her 2 million dollar voice. Shes amazing. If you don't know me personally than you also don't know that my Dad was a firefighter, in NY and here in NM. He has been my hero since i was a little girl because i watched him risk everyday of his life saving others. So when my good friend Greg became a firefighter I was so proud and happy for him and Marie. This week I got the chance to go to his station, I haven't been in a station since I was a kid. I got to try on all the gear, sit in the big seat on the engine, and hang out for hours with the heroes right here in N.M. We have some amazing men working round the clock everyday to save us when we're in need. I was so honored to be around these guys. They do a lot more than just throw on a suit and hold a fire hose. Most if not all of them, knew how to medically assess a situation as well. They could administer drugs, fluids, or pain medicine, via I.V. They knew how to tube a person if they couldn't breath. They could do it all!! I made them brownies, I have to say they came out quite tasty. This week I want to encourage you ladies who have a hand in the kitchen, to whip up a batch of something yummy and take it to the firehouse down the road from you. You have no idea how much a comfort food can lift the spirits of these guys after a really terrible or devastating call. Lets give back this week. Lets take care of the heroes who are always waiting to take care of others. They're the ones that will take care of us if anything should happen right?!?!?
I got to take some silly pics so here they are. I hope everyone has an awesome week. I am so excited for this weekend, I get to finally take a little vaca with my bff. Cant wait!!!!

P.S. Totally off this subject, but I received some devastating news today. Drug Addiction has claimed the life of another dear friend of mine. His name was Shaun and he was a father of two sweet little boys. Please Please Please pray for the Smiths. RIP Shaun.

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