Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blogger!!!

At the very beginning of last school year we had our Parent Meeting with the teacher. All of the parents met in the classroom with the teacher and she went over the curriculum and how we could be involved as parents. You all know, I try my best to be involved as much as possible. I do work full time and I am a single mom so it's not always possible but I do my best and I'm there more than a lot of the SAHM's. Anyway - I signed up that day to read to the class in November. She didn't mention times or even an actual date. It was just a sheet you put your name on and they were to contact you a couple of weeks prior to confirm the date. Well apparently she sent home the note not too long after that with Katelyn telling me the time/date I needed to come in to read. Then as Katelyn and I are walking through Target spending way too much money as usual having a girls day we have the following conversation:

"Mom I'm REALLY mad at you today!"

"Is it because I wouldn't let you eat 32 tootsie rolls for dinner last night?"

(at this point I'm giggling because usually when she says she's mad it's something like that)

"NO MOM. You were supposed to read to my class today and you didn't SHOW UP!!!"

(at this point I felt like a big LOSER)

I really can't even tell you what was said after that because I felt SO bad. I totally let her down. I do know I asked her how I was supposed to know the day when the teacher never contacted me? She said that a note came home. Once we got home I pulled everything out of her backpack and sure enough it was crumbled up in the bottom. Generally everything is in her folder - apparently this note made it's way out of the folder. Ugh! Apparently I need to be more efficient in checking the contents of her backpack!

I sent a note to school today apologizing for sucking at this thing called motherhood (I didn't really say that!)and asked to reschedule. I'm not so much worried about what her teacher thinks. Just sucks that my daughter who normally knows me as perfect (no really! she does! haha!) now thinks I suck!

Lesson learned. Moms can't be perfect all the time!



  1. Thanks for letting me guest blog ladies! :)

  2. Moms can't be perfect but I'm sure she knows you didn't mean it and you will make it up to her!

    BTW, that shirt Danny is wearing in the picture is crazy. It took me a minute because the hands look kinda real!

  3. I can't even tell you how many times my son has let notes slip to the bottom of his bag...I always feel mortified!

    Great post!

  4. Ugh.. Oliver is notorious for "losing" papers, and I'm not fantastic at remembering dates. Don't feel bad, the rest of us do it too.