Monday, July 12, 2010

Whats the point?

I have to say when i had my little boy i loved dressing him in the cutest boy clothes... i dressed him baseball caps... the baby gap outfits... and all of the baby shoes i could find. When i found out i was having a girl i hated pink i hated frill and i wasnt completely sure how i was going to do with all of the stereotypical outfits every store seemed to have. Then i had her... and i loved everything pink, everything girly, everything frilly. But now as she gets older and we are exploring further into finger foods, solids and her diet contains a more colorful palet i am wondering what is the point of all of these outfits? Yes they look cute for .05 seconds until they spit up, throw up, poop in them or play in the dirt, mud or baby food. It seems no matter how hard i try to keep her clean it never happens!!! Then i spend 45 minutes doing just her laundry trying to get all of the stains out of these adorable clothes i got to see her in once before they are ruined... so ladies im asking...begging & pleading for stain removal tips, or are all o you mama's doing the same thing i am ... LETTING THEM ROCK THE DIAPER LOOK!!!! lol Happy monday everyone... and Dont forget to enter my Babby Bottle Give Away!... it ends tomorrow!!!

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  1. It's so funny, when my oldest went to daycare when I went back to work, one of my friends and coworkers who also had her son in the same infant room came to work and said "I knew which one was your daughter because she was dressed up so neat and pretty. She just screamed "My mom is a first time mom". She was right. By the time my daughter was 6 months old, I was putting her in much more practical outfits...things that hid stains or I didn't care if they got all grunged up. Once my son came around, I don't think I ever bothered with any real dress up outfits. Like you said, why bother???