Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get to know a mommy: Lindsay and her adoption story!

Well id like to introduce our first guest blogger,Her name is Lindsay and this is her story!!! Please take a minute to get to know another mommy!!!

Hello everyone! First let me say that I was SO EXCITED when I was asked to be a guest blogger!! This is my first guest blogging experience…so here we go…

My hubby and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve been together for about 7 ½ years and we’ve been married for three years next month!  I am blessed to be married to an amazing man…and I was even more blessed to find him so early in life! We both went to Central Washington University and while there we started seriously talking about the possibility of adopting some day. We decided that, yes, it was something we would definitely do and that we would adopt from Ethiopia. So a couple years went by, we graduated from college, moved to Portland, got the perfect little house, we had our pets, the love of our friends and family, but something was missing!! It was finally that time…we were ready to be parents to our little Ethiopian miracle!! So in April we stepped out having faith that the time was right and that everything would fall into place for us to adopt our daughter, Emersyn, from Ethiopia!
We just finished our home study TONIGHT and it feels so good to be one step closer to our forever family!! Each step along this journey has been a learning experience and a practice in patience!! If patience is a virtue then we sure should be virtuous when this is all said and done!!  We have found things that help pass the time like painting Emersyn’s room, finding cute little outfits at consignment shops, writing in our journal we will give her when she’s older, and coming up with fun new ways to fund raise. FUND RAISE….who would’ve thought those two little words could be the biggest wall between us and our daughter? It certainly has been hard trying to figure out the financial aspect of this adoption but we’ve come up with some very fun ideas and we hope you’ll check them out!
If you hop on over to our BLOG you’ll find our ADOPTION T-SHIRTS!! The message on our shirts is ONLY LOVE! What matters to family? Not color of skin, DNA, country of birth, ONLY LOVE!

We’re trying to get at least one t-shirt in every state in the US. So far we have people sportin’ the only love in Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and New York. It’s been so amazing to see people we don’t even know buy a t-shirt and support orphans and adoption!! So…is your state represented yet?? If not head on over and check them out…after all you wouldn’t want your state to come in last!  I also have a link to my Etsy shop on the blog where I’m selling scrapbooks, key chains, picture frames and other miscellaneous things all to support our adoption. We are still working on raising the money for our agency fee ($4500) and right now we’re at about $1150.
While asking people for financial support to bring our daughter home is difficult it is worth it. We are constantly thinking about our little girl. Who will she be? What will she look like? What will be her first word? What is her mother going through right now? This last question weighs on my heart every day. Our daughter’s birth mother will always be someone who is a part of our family and who has a piece of our heart. Without her bravery and extreme selflessness our dreams would never come true. In order for us to receive this amazing blessing she must first give up hers. We will try every day to give her daughter a life that she would be proud of.
So to those of you who have helped us in the past, those of you who are helping us now, and those of you who will help us in the future…THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!! We cannot wait until the day when we can hold our daughter in our arms and bring her home to her forever family. We will then be complete…our beautiful family of three…from two different continents. We already love baby Emersyn so much…we can only imagine how that love will grow once she’s home sweet home!


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