Thursday, July 15, 2010

True meaning of friends

Today i got a heavy dose of reality on what the word "friend" means. My mom has had a best friend for many years... they live about an hour away from each other but never let that get in the way of seeing or supporting each other. My mom's friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This took a huge toll on my mom... she was devastated and vowed she would do anything to make her friends life easier and happy! She goes with her to every chemo appointment goes to see her etc. Well as if this wasn't enough today i got a picture message from my mom ...

She said her friend had been losing her hair from the chemo and she was really upset about it ... so today on her way to meet her for her appointment... my mom surprised her.

I can honestly say i am not sure i could do this for anyone... with everyone i have grown up with ... i am not sure i could do this for anyone...


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