Monday, June 28, 2010

Visit from the not so pleasant tooth fairy!!!!

Well last night was rough! Maddi slept a total of about 2 hrs (as did Nick and I)...

I tried:
Rocking Her
Nursing Her
Rubbing her back

But nothing helped her... she just cried and cried like i have never seen her cry before!

It wasnt until her and i sat on the balcony watching the sun come up and her finally dozing off that i saw a little white tooth peeking out! Its so cute! At that point i put aside all of my exhaustion, frustration, and stress and couldnt help but smile.
I also had a few tears at that moment... i just cannot believe how big she is getting... In one week she has managed to crawl at lightning speed,Crawling up stairs and through the house, walking along the furniture, eat some of my poparie (which is no longer allowed in the house), break quite a few household objects and get a new tooth! Makes me so sad... maybe its time for a new baby?!?!?! ha ha... NO... just kidding. But this does mean its time for us to go shopping.. we need some starbucks, teething remedies and a baby gate corral!

&&& Lets just say that in 7 years when she loses this tooth and we get a visit from the tooth fairy... she is not getting her hands on this tooth! Im not sure she knows just how hard we worked on this little guy!!!

The picture above was taken just a few minutes ago... of my sweet girl FINALLY getting some rest!

Hope everyone is have a wonderful Monday Morning and takes a second to smile at their growing babies!

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  1. UGH, I'm glad my two now have all their teeth! My son's came in SOOOOOOOOOO slow. I thought he'd be teething forever. It was miserable. Like you said, I'm super gluing his in...the tooth fairy is SOL :)