Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

One night a father overheard his son pray: Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is. Later that night, the Father prayed, Dear God, Make me the kind of man my son wants me to be.
I find this quote fascinating... Having two children from two very different types of fathers... it makes me wonder why it is that fathers can be so different. My son worships his father, this father that he rarely sees, a father who contributes to his life in no way, a father who has never grown up. My daughter lights up when her father comes into the room, a father who spends every available minute with her, a father who makes an effort to be there for every first, from first time rolling over, to the first time she ate solid foods and makes the effort to read to her every night and wake up with her every morning and contributes to her life in every way. Why is it that as children we have a way of seeing our fathers (good or bad) as these super heroes. In my son's case... at what point does the novelty wear off, and when they do realize this? How is it that i am going to explain why i didn't protect him from this person? And in my daughters case, will she ever realize how lucky she is? How lucky that she will always have her father's shoulder to cry on? She will have her father present at every big event, from the first day of pre-school to her high school graduation, to her wedding. How is that i explain to the two of them why it is that their father's are so different?
Because i have so many questions about fathers and the explanation for the different behaviors of fathers i would encourage any and all advice and or personal experience stories!
On a lighter note i would like to wish every involved and sincere father out there a very Happy Father's Day! You are so appreciated even if its not said enough, you are helping our children understand the importance of family in a society where families and marriages fail as often as they succeed, You are teaching our children they can rely on someone and you make them want to carry on the same important values to their children. so THANK YOU!

♥♥♥Memories From Nicks 1st Father's Day!♥♥♥


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  2. Well, having had a father that was neither dependable nor a good man, I will share with you that I was unable to understand the truth about who he was until I was a teenager. My folks had an unhappy divorce when I was about seven, & I was still able to think my father was pretty awesome, despite his many character flaws, glaringly obvious to me even at that tender age. It wasn't until I was a teenager, when he went through a divorce from my beloved stepmama, that I was able to really understand what my dear mama had gone through when I was little. It was then that I realized I couldn't invest any more emotional energy in somebody that couldn't be trusted - & that blood is not, in fact, thicker than water.

    On a lighter note, though perhaps partly because of my own experience, I revel in the magical bond that My Prince has with our daughter, every single day. I believe in my heart that she WILL be able to appreciate how blessed she is to have such a great daddy - just as I am aware of how fortunate I am to have such a fabulous husband.

    Love the concept of this blog! Reminds me of some great "chick lit" books I've read about keeping alive the bonds of childhood friendships!