Sunday, April 11, 2010

Five Years Ago...

Five years ago today I had an idea of what love was. A fairy tale... A boy to rescue me... Love at first sight etc. But it wasn't until five years ago tomorrow that i knew the true meaning of love and got to experience my love at first sight, my fairy tale, my rescuer.

Five years ago today i was unsure of my purpose in life, i was unsure of what my future would hold and was frightened when thinking about the possible answers to these questions; but five years ago tomorrow all of my fears were conquered, all of my questions answered, and my purpose in life was defined.

Five years ago today i was 17 and pregnant and nearing graduation. I was in labor and my friends were at prom. Five years ago today everything i knew about love was wrong, five years ago today my life was completely incomplete.

Five years ago tomorrow my son was born. One look at this beautiful, perfect 7lb 1oz baby and an overwhelming accomplishment came over me. My heart had finally found what it was looking for.

In these five years my hero and I have been through more then most people will go through in a lifetime. He has helped me in so many ways be the person i am today and is still molding me into the person i still hope to be. At just a few weeks when teachers, principals, and counselors said i couldn't graduate, there was too much to be done and not enough time, he motivated me to not only accomplish the work that needed to be done but in the end i walked with the rest of my class with a 3.25 GPA. He motivated me to grow up when everyone said i wouldn't. He motivated me to be a good mom when people said i would never be. And when he needed me ... he motivated me to fight for him and never give up.

Its amazing how he is has always been the constant in my life. Though bad jobs and good, he was always waiting patiently for me to pick him up. Through bad decisions and good he was always waiting for me with a hug and urging me with his sweet personality to find my way. Through bad men and friends he was the one who always stood by my side grabbed my hand and looked up with those big beautiful eyes and said "mommy i love you to chucky cheese and back." When i was a single mom and feeling discouraged ... he would hear me crying myself to sleep and come in with his bunny (that he created at Build a Bear... it roars like a dinosaur and is dressed like spider-man) he would kiss me on the cheek and press the button which always makes us giggle.

He is an incredible child and is truly my gift from God... and on April 12 2005 he was the answer to all of my prayers and cries for hope.

I love you Bryce, Happy 5th Birthday you big sweet boy!


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  1. I love this post. You've come so far and I'm so proud that I can call you mine. xoxo - Mom