Friday, April 30, 2010

Another AWARD!!! Thank You Liz!

Thanks to Liz at Liz's Paper Loft we at G.U.M have received another award!!! I think with the week we mommies have had it is a nice surprise and will definitely bring some sunshine our way! Thanks Liz!!!
Here are the award rules:

1. Post the prize on my blog.

2. Mention the blogger who gave you the award

3. Give the prize to 5 friends.

4. Post on my blog the link to their blogs.

after learning the hard way this week ... the things that bring us sunshine as a group are:

<♥>Friends who are genuine... ( hard to find but when you do hold on to them)
<♥>Our babies... they are all growing up and never cease to amaze us everyday
<♥>Self confidence... as women and new moms we will of course have our insecurities ... but a women that truly feels self confidant is the most beautiful
<♥>It sucks when best friends move away... but blogger/facebook/ and good ol fashioned pen pal should do the trick ;0)
<♥>Girls nights... they definitely to need to be more frequent!!!
<♥>Blogging!! helps us get stuff off our chest!!!!

WE would like to pass this blog on to:
<♠>">Keeping up with Johnsons
<♠>Goodnight Moon!
<♠>But then I had Kids...
<♠>Mom in High Heels
<♠>The reason for my insanity


  1. Bubbl-LLLLy Bubbl-LLLLy POP! Thanks you so much! I love getting awards. Thanks for thiking of me;)

    ~Goodnight moon!

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  3. You just made my WEEK!!
    Thank you so much you Awesome Amazing Mamas!!
    Moo Wha! <3

    ~The Reason for my Insanity