Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The moms of Growing up Mommies...

Hi! We are 4 ladies who have grown up with each other starting in just middle school and then graduating in 2005. We are now all living one dream.... Being mothers and our babies are now growing up together. How we got to this dream took 4 very different avenues, we accomplished and survived very different trials and hardships, yet some how we have kept one thing constant: We have all remained friends. There are many other mothers we are sharing this journey with and hope to introduce them in the future. But as for the 4 of us... we hope hope to inspire Young mothers (or mothers in general)... journal our adventures in marriage, motherhood, career building... and... well everything in between!

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  1. I love this blog! All of you are amazing and inspiring to mothers of any age. Mothering is the most important job you will ever do - and it goes without saying that it's not easy. Hugs and Kisses (and kuddos) to each of you. Charlene