Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Where did the time go?

Just 9 short months ago my sweet girl was so tiny... she is now standing up in her crib, into everything, talking, and trying to keep up with her big brother! But I cant believe how big she has gotten in just such a short time!



  1. Awww, everyone growing up and everything!

  2. Hi girls!!!
    What a little cutie, she looks like a doll with this little ribbon!!!
    Your blogs are so great!!!
    Have a nice day!!

    Thank you for following me (catherinelovesroses)

  3. Your mosaic is gorgeous. She is a little doll.

    Thanks for following us at 3 sisters 365.

    Natash, Stacey and Holly

  4. Hello there, not sure who visited my blog recently but wanted to drop in and say thank you for becoming a follower. I've signed up here too. Looks like a great blog and I will enjoy visiting. Your daughter is a beautiful little girl. I don't know where the time goes either. From that small baby to a 30 year old married man in my world. I agree, where does the time go?

    An English Girl Rambles

  5. Adorable!!! My daughter is just about to hit 15 months, and it's CRAZY! I can't believe how fast the time goes and how much she has changed!!! Maybe thats an idea for my next Wordless Wednesday. A then and now picture. Or maybe even flashback Friday. Anyways, she is adorable and you are definitely one blessed momma!

  6. thanks for sharing, they do grow up so quickly.